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Ultimate Klingon Bird of Prey Lighting Kit MML020


Qapla’! Light your Klingon Bird of Prey with Madman Lighting’s Bird of Prey kit. This kit lets you light engines, white strobe lights and the all-important forward torpedo launcher that dominates the ship. Engines flicker red and yellow, white lights light the headlights and torpedoes fire with this kit. Also light other Klingon ships by adding a Delux-8 and use the red and green LEDs to light the warp nacelles. All effects are controlled via the Fire button, which also adjusts effect speed.


  • Photon Torpedo Effect, controllable with a single pre-wired fire button, or with a TV Remote Control

  • Flickering Red and Yellow engine effects

  • Firing Green Disruptor Cannons in the Wingtip Cannons.

  • White lights for “headlights” and windows

See the build up!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3: (Full Electronics Assembly complete)