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Battlestar Pegasus Model Lighting Kit MML025


The Pegasus Model Lighting kit is designed for the Moebus Battlestar Pegasus model, with all eight engine nacelles lit it is one of our brightest kits ever. Plenty of fiber optics is included to light the scores of ports and windows around the ship as well as lighting the landing bay entrances and the red and green approach lights.


 Delux-24 card: easy to use constant brightness controller

 High Brightness LEDs:

  • EIGHT high brightness blue LEDs for main engines.

  • A white LED for all the windows, ports, and bridge lights.

  • Four 3mm white LEDs for the landing bay entrances.

  • Green and Red LEDs for landing bay warning lights.

Fiber optics for lighting landing bay entrances, windows and ports.

Full color, comprehensive instruction manual. Includes detailed photos showing how to mount the lights in each part of the model.