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Fast Tramp Freighter Lighting Kit MML007


The Fast Tramp Freighter Lighting Kit is for lighting most Star Wars Millennium Falcon kits from various manufacturers.


  • Delux-Flasher controller: Easy to use controller with adjustable speed feature.

  • Flickering Engine Lights: Simulate a beat-up engine that’s seen lots of wear.

  • 12 LEDs:

    • Six Wide Angle High Brightness Blues for Engines

    • Three Warm Whites for interior and cockpit

    • Two small Whites for headlights

    • One bright Red with 0.5mm dia fiber optics for red marker lights.

  • Hookup Wire

  • Fiber Optics

  • Full Color Instruction Manual

The Fast Tramp Freight Lighting Kit is the easiest way to light most Millenium Falcon kits. All hookups are made with wire-wrap wire: easier, faster and safer than soldering.

Its unique Flickering Engine Light effect gives you a subtle but convincing appearance of an engine that’s been halfway across the galaxy and back. The six LEDs for the engines are special wide-angle high brightness blue that provide a lot of light.

Comprehensive full color instruction manual is provided. Requires an external 12VDC 100mA power supply.