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BIG Starship lighting kit for 1/350th NX-01 and Refit kits. MML001


The BIG Starship Lighting Kit is Madman's largest lighting kit and features:

  •     Delux Flasher Special FX card   Drive six white strobe lights and six red/green navigation lights
  •     Delux-24 lighting card.  Drive up to 48 constant on LEDs    48 LEDs in multiple colors and sizes.
  •     Five feet of 64 stranded fiber optic cable
  •     Five feet of 0.5mm fiber optic cable
  •     Fifteen feet of power wire
  •     Two sets of Power Plugs, large and small
  •     Full color instruction manual on CD-ROM
  •     Reprint of "Light Enterprise NX-01", first published in Sci-Fi Fantasy #4
  •     Easy to use No-soldering connections, connect with wire-wrap instead.

This kit is for your largest lighting projects like the Polar Lights NX-01 in 1/350 and the Enterprise Refit in 1/350.  This is a general purpose kit for lighting any large model.  A reprint of "Light Enterprise NX-01" is included to give tips and techniques for lighting large models.