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Klingon K'Tinga Cruiser Lighting Kit MML031


Qapla’! Light your Klingon K’Tinga Battle Cruiser with Madman Lighting’s K’Tinga Cruiser Lighting kit. This kit gives you pulsing impulse engines, windows, warp engines and the all-important forward torpedo launcher. Engines pulsate red, windows are warm white and orange, and torpedoes fire with this kit. All effects are controlled via the Fire button, which also adjusts effect speed.


  • Photon Torpedo Effect, controllable with a single pre-wired fire button or with your TV Remote Control

  • Pulsating Red Impulse engine effects

  • Warm White and Orange Windows lights

  • Fiber optics to route light to tiny openings

  • Works with all other Madman Lighting products.