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T-65 Engine and Cockpit Lighting Kit MML014


Defeat the Empire with the Madman Lighting T-65 Engine and Cockpit Lighting Kit. This kit is for Studio Scale, 1/48 and other larger scale T-65 model kits. Red engine effects feature a subtle regular pulsation and three effects with blue, red, green and white LEDs. Create a huge variety of blinking, pulsing and steady-on cockpit indicators and R-2 dome lights! Add white landing lights! A single push button controls the variable speed of the effects.


  • Pulsating Red LEDs for running engine effect.

  • Cockpit lights in Blue, Red, Green and White. Use fiber optics to light instruments and R2 unit

  • Combine three separate patterns of blue, green, white and red fiber optic lighting to create fantastic effects for instruments and the R2 unit.

  • White LEDs for landing lights.