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Yamato Wave Motion Gun Lighting Kit MML015


60 Seconds to Firing….. 3…2…1… FIRE!

Fire the Wave Motion Gun with Madman Lighting's Wave Motion Gun FX Kit. Use this kit to light most larger scale (1/700 and bigger) Space Cruiser Yamato kits. Also light the mighty Andromeda class ships, with the included second Wave Motion Gun.

This kit provides a super high intensity white LED to power the gun, with a halo effect around it to create the “energy build up” effect. Also included are flickering, pulsing lights for the engines and steady on lights for the command decks.


  • Enable Remote Control to fire the Gun with your TV Remote

  • Super High Intensity White LED for Wave Motion Gun

  • “Energy Build Up” effect prior to firing gun.

  • Red and Yellow lights for Engines

  • White steady-on lights for command decks.

WARNING: Light from the Wave Motion Gun is very bright. Do Not Look at Directly while On.